In the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2022 I had been invited to a total of eight weddings, all for friends. That’s right – EIGHT.

What was more unusual is that almost all of them I was invited solely as a guest. Something people probably don’t know about me is that I shoot a fair amount of weddings, especially when it’s friends. 

Almost every time a friend gets married I get the same request – they are looking for a photographer and are overwhelmed / inundated with the same style of bridal magazine wedding photography. They want a reportage aesthetic for their day – will I shoot it and forego attending as a guest?

And the answer is always YES! It’s an honor to be trusted with this huge responsibility and to be an integral part of such an important day.

This summer, I attended an eclectic range of weddings, landing me in Santa Barbara, Oakland, Ibiza, a summer camp in Pennsylvania, upstate New York and of course, Brooklyn.

Itching to shoot some personal work after being cooped up for two years, I brought my camera along with me which led to this latest series – Endemic Weddings.

And of course, if you’re looking for somebody to shoot your special day, don’t hesitate to reach out!